The Time Before...

Blog of Referee info...also for players to read for immersion.

Goldhurst is a small little town with a population of roughly 560 midlanders. It’s always been a fairly tight-knit community where everyone looks after everyone else. Recently there has been unrest, however. It seems that a few outsiders have made there way here to dig in the dirt for gold, as to be expected in a place called “Goldhurst”. The tension is because some outfitters have raised their prices significantly. The honest people of Goldhurst can not afford such high prices! It’s seen as all the outsiders cause, be it direct if inadvertently.

The town mayor, Mayor Stienbek, has tried to offer many different solutions to the problem, yet there is always someone who disagrees. Kol’van, the owner and proprietor of the Golden Goose Inn can’t afford to pay for rush orders of food, wine, beer, linens, oil, spices, and all the other things needed to run a fine inn. Jenivivve, the widow who has the largest honey farm, can supply Kol’van the honey he needs to make his “GoldenMead”, but she can’t get the containers at a decent price because Feldrik Burntogger has sold all his useful containers to the gold-panners. It’s a terrible mess, and something needs to be done about it.



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