Shadowthorn is a fantasy campaign setting using the Powers & Perils RPG rules. It is my oldest running world, dating back to 1983. I have added, subtracted, and generally manipulated the rules and general aspects of the system over those 32+ years, but the core of Shadowthorn remains strictly P&P.

The world itself is hard to nail down. It holds many classic tropes of fantasy; a missing ruler, squabbling kingdoms, ancient evils, mysterious locations, etc. One major theme, however, is that of “pockets of civilization surrounded by unclaimed wilderness”. There are very few maintained and patrolled roads and waterways. Boarders between kingdoms are rough, hard to enforce, and very unstable. A village found on the edge of two opposing lords may find themselves under one rulers banner one year, and then the opposing rulers banner the next. The population of Shadowthorn is what could probably be called “sparse”. Only along the southern coastline can commoners see some semblance of consistent civilization. That said, the campaign area is ripe for adventure of all sorts; from pirates and high-seas hi-jinks of the southern oceans, to political intrigue in the vast cities of Shadowthorn, Ral Astra and Muntaro City. Unclaimed wilderness abounds, and most woods, swamps and mountain ranges still lay unexplored. Shadowthorn is bursting with adventuring potential!